In the past we would do routine call outs for 'Sponsored Riders'. We no longer use this process and instead support those who take the time in their own time, to go above and beyond to reach out to us. Use the contact tab if you've taken the information below into consideration and would like to get in touch. We will not accept any applications or requests via social media.

We receive a number of requests each day to support individuals, organisations and events across Australia. We may not be able to support every applicant or event request, but we do read every application and encourage you to provide as much information as possible. Here is a list of some of our top tips:


  • Prepare yourself before you apply. It is clear to us if you don’t support us already. Make sure you generally love our brand and know you can do a great job. Following us on social media, commenting and liking our content regularly will definitely be noticed. 
  • Put your best foot forward. Tell us about yourself, what you love to do, what your hobbies are etc. Your personality is what makes you unique.
  • If you’ve taken the time to find this tab rather than send a quick DM on instagram, we can see you genuinely love our brand and have been through everything on our website.
  • Be polite in your approach and responses.
  • A couple of words shows that if you couldn’t be bothered to put effort into your application your not going to put effort into promoting our products.
  • Smile! We love to see genuinely happy girls. 
  • Be patient.
  • Include what you can bring to the table. At the end of the day the application is an exchange so let the us know what you will do to promote our business. 
  • Find a business you absolutely love and work with them.
  • If possible add a photo of yourself that you love.


  • Approach us if you don’t buy from/support us 
  • Don't like our style just for the sake of having a sponsor in your instagram bio or on your shirt.
  • Send a DM or message asking for free product. The answer will be straight up no. Even the best influencers in the world don’t always get gifted products. 
  • Post inappropriate images of you online, it’s a real turn off for our business.  
  • Be disheartened if you get turned down. Sometimes its just not the right time. Be it too many reps, lack of funds, maybe not the right fit just now.
  • Don’t think you don’t have enough ‘followers’ to apply. At the end of the day followers are not everything. Committed and genuine friends who are interested in what you do and are happy to support you is much more valuable than a bulk number of followers who are spam accounts or who don’t really care at all.

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